HealthBeacon is a MedTech start up based in Dublin. They develop smart tools for managing medication adherence. Patients are given smart bins which tracks when they self inject medication at home, this information is then available to pharmaceutical companies.

Smartmaps is a React single page application that shows beacons on an interactive map. Users can filter patients based on certain criteria such as diagnosis, age, gender etc. When the filters are applied the beacons which meet the criteria are shown with metrics shown the breakdown between age and gender.


Project overview

Smartmaps filter functionality

The filter side bar allows users to filter beacons based on certain criteria such as age, gender, connectivity etc. The map will update with filtered beacons allowing users to see target patients.


The application has two ways of displaying metrics, the metrics sidebar and the beacons on the map. The beacon will display metrics for that specific patient while the sidebar will calculate the average metrics based on the filters applied.

Smartmaps metrics functionality